Edilizia Interna srl - società unipersonale

nh president

Client: Nh Hotels Italia
Location: Milan
Year: 2011 - 2012
Work: Rooms, Restaurant, Hall, Meeting rooms, Kitchen
Project: Arch. Giuseppe Ragona - Milan
Photo: Pietro Cocco

The NH President hotel in Milan is conveniently located in the center of the city and is characterized by elegance and charm, combined with functional design and a delightful atmosphere.

Edilizia Interni's restoration projects, completed in 2012, involved bedrooms, meeting rooms, the restaurant and the kitchen. In line with modern environmental design, the bathrooms feature contemporary materials such as dark ceramics and the bedrooms have wooden floors and characteristic tapestries.
In order to ensure optimum climate comfort and sound absorption in the bedrooms and common areas such as meeting rooms and the restaurant, plant engineering technology was key in the restoration project.