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hotel villa san michele

Client: Orient Express Hotels
Location: Fiesole - Florence
Year: 2000 - 2015
Work: Suites, Hall, Restaurant, Pool
Project: Tanit Designer - Paris
Supervision: Geom. Renzo Luchi - Florence
Photo: Genius Loci

This former monastery from the 15th century, which was once a private residence and later turned into a hotel by Orient-Express, is nestled on a hilltop amid lush trees and enjoys unparalleled vistas of Florence and its surrounding hills.
The most important part of the restoration project was the transformation of the monastery cells into gorgeous suites that still preserve the monastic style. Outdoor, underneath the beautiful terraced gardens, there are luxurious underground suites that have conserved the allure of the original atmosphere.

The materials used, hand-made cotto and the chestnut beams, are the result of accurate and delicate work.