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hotel splendido

Client: Orient Express Hotels
Location: Portofino - Genoa
Year: 2000 - 2015
Work: Suites, Hall, Bar, Restaurant, SPA
Project: Tanit Designer - Paris
Supervision: Arch. Scarpi, Geom. Luchi - Florence
Photo: Genius Loci

Located in one of the most fascinating Mediterranean areas and built on a cliff overlooking the sea, Splendido Portofino is unique and outstanding and combines the intrinsic beauty of Portofino with the comfort of its facilities.
To keep the hotel among the most renowned and luxurious in the world, for more than ten years Edilizia Interna has carried on delicate restoration projects with full respect for local traditions.

To maintain the glamour of this former monastery, the highly valuable covering materials were chosen for the suites and bathrooms.
Olive Wood floors and tone-on- tone (Thala beige e Crema-s) Tunisian tiles enhance the bedrooms while decorations reflecting typical Liguria style embellish the walls.