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grand hotel timeo

Client: Orient Express Hotels
Location: Taormina - Messina
Year: 2009 - 2012
Work: Suites, Restaurant
Project: Tanit Designer - Paris
Supervision: Arch. Scarpi, Geom. Luchi - Florence
Photo: Genius Loci

Set high in the rocky hills on the east coast of Sicily, Grand Hotel Timeo has long been known as one of Italy's most glamorous retreats. Purchased by Orient-Express in 2009, the hotel restoration was completed in 2012 by Edilizia Interna.
The most important restoration operations pertain to the suites, now featuring elegant oak floors and tone-on-tone refined glazed walls. Bathrooms are remarkable thanks to Carrara white marble and Grand beige marble utilized, while the style of the new luxurious restaurant is characterized by the use of cream moda marble from Spain and Rosso Tramonto marble from Sicily.