Edilizia Interna srl - società unipersonale

The Company

Edilizia Interna s.r.l. was founded in 2000 by Renato Nodari (surveyor), who is also the managing director of the company. His thirty-year-old experience in different construction sectors, coupled with the knowledge he has inherited from his father, who was a builder, have contributed to the birth of a company that is based on reliability and competence.

Throughout the years, Edilizia Interna has become a very successful construction company, achieving very high quality levels and becoming one the most important leading national companies in the luxury hotel and prestigious farmhouse building fields. The company's main strengths are: absolute commitment to delivery schedules, participate actively in projects and cooperate thoroughly with clients and design teams. Thanks to a very dynamic team and a very resourceful and reliable organization system, Edilizia Interna can efficiently cover the entire country.