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il serratone

Client: Castello della Pia s.r.l.
Location: Gavorrano - Grosseto
Year: 2008 - 2009
Work: Renovated house, Pool
Project: Arch. Bernardo Tori - Florence
Photo: Giulio Boem

The residence Il Serratone is located in Maremma Grossetana, between wheat fields and hills crowned with oaks and cypresses.

The recovery project of the Florentine architect Bernardo Tori had the objective of unifying two abandoned buildings, once stables, into a large family home in rustic style.
The farm house is now on two levels: on the first floor there are six large bedrooms with private bathrooms; on the ground floor there is a large kitchen, a dining room, a fireplace room, a living room, two bathrooms, and a pantry. Outside, there is a magnificent three-level swimming pool. The materials for paving stone, terracotta and wood, were selected with great care, and the painting was inspired by local tradition.