Edilizia Interna srl - società unipersonale


Client: Privato
Location: Milan
Year: 2007
Work: Transformation of industrial area into loft
Photo: Giulio Boem

A stone's throw from one of the main shopping streets in Milan, this loft is the result of the renovation of an old textile factory.

Featuring a fascinating play of masonry and steel mezzanines, this loft has a modern design that contrasts well with the Venetian-style flooring.

The protagonists of the apartment are the large living area at the entrance, characterized by steel structures with stairs and mezzanines that create space for a wonderful linear library, and the old bleached wooden ceiling, on which a very delicate restoration work was conducted.To embellish the apartment, the white Carrara marble was used for the floors and walls of the bathrooms and the kitchen.

From making cement and glass walls to the recovery of iron fixtures, Edilizia Interna operated with the utmost care and diligence to provide a result capable of respecting the project.